is an online marketplace that bridges the gap between demand and supply when it comes to selling and buying cars.


The client asked to create a marketplace website for selling and buying new and used cars as well as prepare marketing material for promotional use.


On this project, I acted as the lead designer. I led the project from start to finish.


My main goal was to create an innovative and minimalist website that would make buying cars online easier. I applied brand colors as the main accent, a flat design pattern. I also carefully pored over every single detail, including the color selection, iconography, typography, and other UI elements in order to create a coherent website.

design rationale

Starting with an analysis of the most successful companies in this market led to my decision to design the website that best accomplishes clients goals. I then designed each page to be UX oriented and organized in a way that is easy for the end user. Finally, I used modern design methods so as to keep the site appealing to the audience.