Ieva Mačiūnė/Kišūnaitė

Movingcare specialize in residential and commercial moves, local and long distance. They provide whatever assistance you need with loading up all of their client belongings.

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moving care typeface


Design website for new company. Movingcare wanted to introduce themselves to market as a new and young profesionals in their field. The goal was to create a website that’s both proffesional and fun to use.


Client wanted a website that would be different from their competitors. After I analyzed the market it was decided that the website will be bold and energetic while incorporating modern copy, which would fit in well with the brand's image as a "bold and energetic" company.

moving care process

Design rationale

The website was designed with a focus on the brand's logotype. I used brand colors and typography as a reference for the design proposal. I created high fidelity wireframes to determine the layout and hierarchy of elements on each page. The final wireframe was used as the basis for my design proposition. After that, I built the design on WordPress using Elementor.

moving care web design