Outofoffice is a consulting and project management agency for various communication projects, such as web development, print design, and video production.


Outofoffice has been in the market for the last 10 years, but just this year finally had the time to get a website. The goal was to create a portfolio website to showcase best work.


On this project, I acted as the lead designer as well as website builder (developer).


This project was an ambitious one — it needed to be professional and creative, but it also had to be very easy for clients to use. It needed to convey all the important information about clients services, so I incorporated a design that's both professional and creative.

design rationale

When I designed this website, I wanted to use the brand's bold colors as a focal point. This is why you'll see them used in a variety of ways throughout the site — in the background, in images, in text, and more. Negative space was used purposefully to balance out the portfolio elements and create harmony between different pieces. This website revolves around portfolio projects, with the goal being to draw viewers into the work — and then make it easy for them to contact you when they are ready to get started.